Is Archaeology a good degree?

Is Archeology a good major?

If you enjoy hard work, dirt, and travel, archaeology may be right for you. However, nobody goes into archaeology to get rich. They go into the field because they love it passionately. Archaeology is the study of people, cultures, and human environments in the distant and recent past.

A major in archaeology will help you develop a global perspective, an understanding of diverse cultures and places, an appreciation for the complexities of cultural heritage, and a long view of human history. Archaeology is interdisciplinary by nature; students are encouraged to double major in related fields such as Anthropology, biology, classics, Computer science, earth and environment, history of art and architecture, international relations, history, and more.

Archaeology majors attract interest from employers in areas including publishing, government service, management, and foreign service because of their diversity of research and analytical skills and their breadth of knowledge about world culture.


Career opportunities in Archeology:

What can I do after Archeology? There is a limited career options for graduates. You can find work as:

  • Field archaeologist
  • Artifact analyst
  • Lab technician
  • Collections curator
  • Government social research officer
  • Local government officer
  • Records manager
  • Social researcher
  • Historical preservation specialist
  • Technical writer
  • Archaeological site surveyor
  • Archivist
  • Cartographer
  • Higher education lecturer
  • Tourism officer

Some classes Archeology majors may likely take:

  • Introduction to Archaeology
  • Archaeological Science
  • Methods and Theory of Archaeology
  • Archaeological Field Methods
  • Statistical Methods: Precalculus & Postcalculus
  • Europe before the Romans
  • Animals and Us
  • Engineering the Roman Empire
  • Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea: Maritime Archaeology of the Ancient Mediterranean
  • Roman Gladiators
  • Introduction to Roman Archaeology
  • Looking out from California: North American Prehistoric Archaeology
  • The Kingdom of Peru
  • Incas and their Ancestors: Peruvian Archaeology
  • The Big Shift
  • Heritage and Human Rights
  • Monumental Pasts: Cultural Heritage and Politics
  • Constructing National History in East Asian Archaeology
  • Public Archaeology: Market Street Chinatown Archaeology Project
  • Advanced Study in Public Archaeology
  • Environmental Archaeology
  • The Social life of Human Bones
  • Zooarchaeology: An Introduction to Faunal Remains
  • Archaeology of Food: production, consumption, and ritual
  • Archaeological Field Survey MethodsArchaeobotany
  • Museum Cultures: Material Representation in the Past and Present
  • Digital Methods in Archaeology
  • Spatial Approaches to Social Science
  • Human Skeletal AnatomyVirtual Italy: Methods for Historical Data Science


What other majors are related to Archeology?


Course difficult 25%  ℹ️
Acceptance rate 100% ℹ️
Relevance metric 12%  ℹ️
Job availability 5%
Estimated number of student Nil
Colleges with Archeology Major 20+ ℹ️ See schools Archeology/”>here



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