Kean University

Kean University majors and acceptance rate

Located in the Northwest region of the United States, Kean University is a world-class, vibrant, and diverse university offering more than 48 undergraduate and 35 graduate programs, with over 85 options for graduate study including doctoral programs in psychology and education leadership.

Kean distinguishes itself through excellence in academics, strategic investments in both research and cultural facilities and initiatives, and a commitment to the success of every student. Dedicated to preparing students for rewarding careers, lifelong learning, and fulfilling lives, Kean offers a broad range of disciplines, the expertise of a diverse and world-savvy faculty, and a student-centered learning environment and campus community.



Is Kean University hard to get into?

The acceptance rate at Kean University is 78%. For every 100 applicants, 78 are admitted. This means the school is not selective; not hard to get into. The selection process for students is based on outstanding academic achievement, innovation, and curiosity.



Is Kean University a good school?

Kean University is a good school that transforms diverse students into impactful global community members through engaged learning, excellence in teaching, applied and pedagogical scholarship, and service, providing leading-edge management programs in a world-class, innovative, and inclusive environment throughout our regions.



What is Kean University known for?

Kean University is known for being home to Liberty Hall Museum a historic landmark housing some of the last undiscovered treasures of the American Revolution and the birth of our nation. Kean is the third largest public university in New Jersey, and the largest producer of teachers in the state.



Is Kean University a party school?

Yes, Kean University is a party school.



What major is Kean University known for?

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