SUNY Morrisville

SUNY Morrisville majors and acceptance rate

Located in the Northwest region of the United States, SUNY Morrisville offers more than 75 degree programs, both bachelor’s and associate’s, in agriculture, technology, business, social sciences, and liberal arts. Morrisville also maintains a satellite campus 30 miles south, in Norwich, which confers associate degrees. The institution puts heavy emphasis on “hands-on, applied education” and has a variety of on-campus facilities that are integrated into academic programs, including a full-service restaurant, dairy complex, methane digester, and wind turbine, Equine Rehabilitation Center, and Nelson Farms.



Is SUNY Morrisville hard to get into?

The acceptance rate at SUNY Morrisville is 77%. For every 100 applicants, 77 are admitted. This means the school is not selective; not hard to get into. The selection process for students is based on outstanding academic achievement, innovation, and curiosity.



Is SUNY Morrisville a good school?

SUNY Morrisville is a good school that offers diverse learning experiences so that graduates may pursue rewarding lives and careers, become engaged citizens, and contribute to our collective future.



What is SUNY Morrisville known for?

SUNY Morrisville is known for its programs in business and entrepreneurship, agriculture and sustainability, hospitality and restaurant management, criminal justice, equine science and rehabilitation, and automotive.



Is SUNY Morrisville a party school?

No, SUNY Morrisville is not a party school.



What major is SUNY Morrisville known for?

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