Psychology Degree Courses

If you’re a psychology student, you will need to take a number of courses that focus on the science of human behavior. Your goal as a student is not only to fulfill the course requirements of your program department, but to also develop critical thinking skills, research competence, and in-depth knowledge of psychology that will serve you well as you advance in your academic and career pursuits.

Here are some of the top courses you should consider when selecting classes to take as an undergraduate psychology major. You should also keep in mind your coursework if you are minoring in a related area.

Most undergraduates studying psychology degrees will start with a series of introductory courses dealing with core elements of the subject. This will often involve the exploration of mental health, childhood and development as well as required scientific fundamentals.

During the next few years of studying psychology, the focus will become more specialized, dealing with topics such as cognitive processes, neuroscience and the psychology of certain groups of people, for example, criminals, victims of abuse or trauma, and the elderly. In your final year, you will typically be required to carry out your own original research, collecting data through observation or scientific study of the brain.

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